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Internet Marketing Solutions empowers each hotel and resort with the opportunity to maximize their revenue and long-term success. Be it the need to shift market share from the competition, the need to capture more business travelers than leisure, or the need to enhance direct bookings on a short notice,’s Market Solutions will increase your brand’s visibility in the global marketplace while propelling revenues. Concurrently, your hotel or resort will be equipped to dominate your local marketplace by applying a superior online marketing and search strategy that is affordable yet innovative.

A brief outline of the products and services provided by

Website Design, Hosting and Creative Development
Our staff has created, developed, designed and hosted in excess of 15,000 commercial websites representing 86 different industries in 23 countries. Learn more...

Website Promotions
Online Web and Travel Promotions is only part of the suite of campaigns designed to deliver room-night bookings and revenues. Structured as a long-term objective or a short-term need, these campaigns can be used to immediately affect your hotel’s bottom-line at any given time or under any economic conditions. Learn more...

Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Maintenance has the technology and expertise to optimize your hotel or resort’s exposure and visibility either “organically” or as a “paid” program. Learn more...

Online Statistical Analysis and Reporting
Out statistical analysis and reporting software can tell you who your customer is, where he is coming from, how he is traveling, what amenities he is looking for, what type of accommodations he is searching for and where he is going after he leaves your hotel. Learn more...

Hotel email Marketing Campaigns has launched thousands of successful email campaigns throughout the world and knows exactly how to structure the campaign for targeted performance. Our new “Hospitality-Travel-Link” program coupled with the “Guest-Link” tracking and monitoring systems are a proven success when integrated with select email campaigns.

Hotel Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (PPC)
A targeted hotel Pay-Per-Click Campaign (PPC) continues to be a marketing edge for those who want both immediate and ongoing results. Paid search (PPC, CPC) programs have often been known to generate results in ROIs of 1200% or higher. The number of hotels participating in PPC campaigns has risen 10% in the last twelve months. not only selects the most appropriate search terms for the campaign, but also performs “key word analysis” for your competitive set to determine what they are deploying before we launch your campaign.

Our PPC platform allows us to not only determine precise click through and voice traffic patterns, but also tracks revenue and performance by channel and by site.

Flat Rate Key Word Campaigns
Flat Rate Key Word campaigns are another way to keep you on top of the marketplace. Once your key words are selected for a specific campaign and/or a specific market, a pre-determined budgeted amount is allocated to keep your hotel or resort on the first page of all applicable search results. This is a great way to maintain high visibility while staying on budget.

Marketplace Marketing Campaigns will inject the power of your online marketing campaigns into your inn-level, conventional marketing campaigns to achieve maximum return on investment. With a historical return in excess of 300% higher than the standard, conventional marketing effort, the combination of conventional and digital marketing has proven to be a success in large and small marketplaces.

Guest-Link and Hospitality-Travel-Link Technology
With Guest-Link, we can follow your guests before thee get to your hotel; we can structure a communication campaign geared to optimize their stay at your hotel and after they check-out, you will continue to communicate with them via a series of promotional and informative offerings that result in an increased percentage of repeat customers.

With Hospitality-Travel-Link, we keep you connected to the world of business, travel and industry in such a manner that your hotel or resort is always in front of the decision makers at the point-of-sale throughout the world.

Hotel Photography, Virtual Tours and Video
We offer professional hotel photography, virtual tours and video services anywhere within the United States and the Caribbean.

OTA and Travel Sites Priority Placement Programs not only can place your hotel or resort on the first page of a series of proprietary travel sites receiving thousands of travel visitors per month, but we can also keep your hotel placed on the first page of almost any other travel-related site in the world. With our relationships with OTA’s and the travel agent community, coupled with our experience as marketers and operators within the industry, can maximize your exposure while generating additional revenue. Learn more...

Social Media Platform
Social Media continues to impact our industry at a fascinating rate. The hotel’s ability to participate and monitor these media sources is essential for continued success. As of the beginning of 2009, 38% of US internet users use a social media site at least once a month. 89% of US online buyers read consumer reviews before they buy.

Our Social Media Platform not only gives you the ability to advertise and participate in the Social Media phenomena, but also our Reputation Monitoring technology allows us monitor daily the comments being made by the consumer and allows you the ability to respond accordingly. Learn more...

Mobile Web Services
The Third Tube. First it was the television; then it was the PC Screen; now it is the mobile telephone. In 2005 only 6% of the population said they had only one form of communication (the mobile phone); in 2009, between 20% and 30% (depending on age) have only one form of communication (the mobile phone). With technology moving rapidly to make the cell phone the hand-held computer, marketing and advertising programs are advancing even faster. Cell users are receiving special offers, promotions, coupons and discounts faster than they could have ever conceived. The hotel or resort must adapt to this next-gen platform to maintain market share and competiveness.

In today’s world, a hotel’s product must be available to the cell phone and mobile device user. Your hotel website and internet marketing strategy must include things such as the .mobi domain extensions. How will this affect travelers? As of the beginning of 2009, 73% of all business/commercial travelers said they have used their mobile device to book travel or hotels. That number will only increase at an exponential rate throughout the future.’s mobile services enables hotel websites to be rendered on all major smart phones and cell phones and further, provide reservation capabilities for these mobile users.

Electronic Brochures / Online Advertising / Banner Campaigns brings the ability to create, develop and launch affordable online advertising and marketing campaigns with short notice and with targeted accuracy. Electronic brochures reflecting your property’s amenities and packages are reflected globally with a click of the mouse.

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