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Never before has internet marketing been more important to the hospitality industry than today. Multiple revenue streams are generated from various sources throughout the global economy and hoteliers must be aware of their position in the global marketplace daily. Who are your customers? How do they get to you? How do you get to them before your competition? How do you communicate the price-value of great customer service? What product mix do you offer today to maximize your hotel’s revenue potential? All of these are questions can be answered with a Internet Marketing Solutions Package. has the expertise and technology to keep your hotel number one in your marketplace. Our professional staff of internet marketing experts will structure a comprehensive online marketing strategy that will deliver outstanding results at affordable prices. We give you the ability to respond daily to your market conditions and the needs of your hotel or resort. Branded or non-branded, large or small, internet marketing solutions will generate higher revenue and more profit for your hotel or resort. Simply put, Drives Revenue.

Why Internet Marketing is so Important!

The hotel and travel marketplace is changing by the minute. To keep pace in this ever-changing environment, a hotelier must select the right tools to achieve his online economic goals and objectives. A hotel or resort must “win” the online search game to survive in today marketplace.

Listed below are only a few of the reasons why you cannot do without

  • Your competition is online and has an internet marketing strategy

  • By 2010, the internet will contribute over 45% of all hotel bookings in North America

  • 91% of all travel starts with an internet search

  • 63% of hotels have increased their internet marketing budget over the last 12 months (53% will do this by shifting money from offline marketing budgets)

  • Due to the increase in social media sites, (Twitter, TripAdvisor, etc.) hotels are now creating network profiles and blogs to capture the rapidly changing social market

  • Hotels participating in paid searches have increased from 50% to nearly 60% during the past twelve months; the direct online channel becoming the main focus point in marketing

  • Nearly 72% of all hotel traffic, branded or non-branded, comes directly from search engines

  • 89% of today’s travelers read consumer reviews before they make a decision (43% most of the time, 22% always)

  • TripAdvisor receives over 30 million visitors every month (13 new posts every minute of every day – over 18,000 reviews/day)

The marketplace is changing so rapidly that during the last 30 months, TripAdvisor has fallen from the number one consumer reporting entity (travel/hospitality) to number four. YouTube, Facebook and MySpace have assumed the top positions. Total consumer visitors to all four sites now exceed over 130 million annually.

  • The preference to use a brand has dropped from 57% in 2006 to 44% in 2009. This is due to the consumers increase in confidence from reporting entities such as TripAdvisor, etc. and consumer reviews on the social media outlet.

  • Behavioral Targeting (filtering) is becoming more popular with the search engines

  • “Conversational Marketing”, “Flash Selling” and the “Power of Personalization” are terms that you will become more familiar with during the immediate future.

There is no more “business as usual” in the hospitality industry; if you do not have the ability to be flexible and change with the global marketplace, you will not maximize your investment potential and the long-term financial success of your hotel or resort will be in jeopardy. can maximize your exposure and Drive More Revenue to your Hotel. Period.

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